Feedback Revival

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 20:45

Nashville, Tennessee is home to many different types of art, tourism, sound, wealth and poverty and Feedback Revival. For these guys, what better place to be a needle in a hay stack? As one of the most populous music cities in the world where most people immediately think of country music, Feedback Revival have come to put a spin on this stereotype. They are rapidly becoming a match in the hay stack leaving a smoldering cloud of rock 'n roll in the wake of an absolutely massive wall of sound coupled with the madness of Bible belt born, New York raised front man Dan Fenton.
3 of the 4 current members of Feedback Revival met in Springfield, Missouri while attending college. Fenton and Justin Miller founded the band Education of Monkeys which toured all over the Midwest as well as a brief tour in Liverpool, Manchester, West Derby and Everton England in 2003. Soon there was interest in EOMs indie demo by several Nashville Grammy winning producers (John Lawry and John Jaszcz [Yosh]). The band decided to move to Nashville to peruse their career.
In the time between EOM and what would become Feedback Revival, Brandon Urich and Fenton began writing and demoing songs for friend and producer John Lawry. After writing Money, Hollywood and Reserved Fenton, Miller, and Urich went into John’s Franklin studio and tracked those three tunes. The band began playing clubs under the name Magnolia which after a legal battle with some local country artist of the same name Change their name to the way better Feedback Revival.
Feedback Revival is comprised of 4 very different personalities that meld together to create a wall of sound that never lets up. Nathan McFarland plays with the soul of blues and the southern man’s passion, exuding skill and style with every note. Justin Miller provides the backbone of each song, with creative, funky and smooth bass licks well Brandon Urich plays with the skill and timing of a session musician and the heart and creative passion of a garage rocker.
Their highly anticipated EP, being produced at Dark Horse Recording, will be released this coming fall. They are heavily influenced by classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and the recent Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their Southern bluesy rock ‘n roll folkie sound has even led some to relate their music to fellow Nashvillians The Kings of Leon. The response to Feedback Revival's musical talent and high-energy shows has been phenomenal. Jaszcz says that Feedback Revival is, "a befitting name for a group that takes their styling’s from the MC5, The Stooges and God only knows what else... and blends it into their own 21st Century Schizoid music. Thank God for giving them the guts to do it!" Be sure to check out Feedback Revival's self-titled EP, which is up on MySpace and up for download!
“I love the music that we make in Feedback Revival because I feel it is what I would call ‘Dirt Rock’, rock music from those of us who are the salt of the earth, laborers, average Joes who see the natural as well as the cracks into the unknown. I just want to make music, no gimmick, what you see is what you get, if I crawl around on the stage, smash a guitar, scream or sing soft it is all part of who I am and how I feel the music. Sure I’m a bit nuts but, who of us hasn’t been through aspects of life that make our eyes twitch a bit and our faith and fears become reality. I trust in what I do not see and try to man handle what I can’t control, I am a man”.
-Dan Fenton