Monopole's birthday party

Friday, June 5, 2015 - 21:00

Monopole came to life in 2009 during a midsummer festival night in Ostend, where vocalist Ines and Glenn (guitar) met and decided to form a band.

The first basic ideas were quickly shaped into songs and shortly after, drummer JP and bassist David were asked to form the rhythmical backbone of the project.
Sadly, JP’s abrupt passing away (RIP) forced the rest of the collective to start over, whilst continuing their efforts to forge new sounds.

After a few line up changes, drummer Sander took the empty seat behind the snare in 2010. Realizing the musical path they wanted to wonder about still needed an extra harmonic dimension to compete against the rhythm section, Monopole started a new quest and found Tom who joined on keyboards giving them the much needed sound they were looking for.
And so the story began…

With comparisons reaching as far as Portishead, Siouxie And The Banchees or Intergalactic Lovers, Monopole’s music can best be described as a well-oiled machine, combining indie rock and catchy poppy tunes, thus creating a distinct and original sound.

After numerous performances, Monopole built a solid live reputation and were able to leave a strong impression to those who have enjoyed them on stage.